Overspeed Governors

LK315 Bidirectional

Ropes from 8 to 10 mm, with everything you need.

Triangolo verde

Overspeed governor LK315 Bidirectional

Approved by TÜV Germany according to Directive 2014/33/EU and standards EN81-20/50.

Available complete with test groove, remote control, encoder, protection, rope safety guard and hang up version.

Also available with device for uncontrolled car movement and anti-creeping.

Triangolo Rosso
LK315 Bidirectional
Pulley Type Pulley Ø 315 mm with hardened groove Bidirectional for rope diameter 8-10 mm
Nominal Speed Up to 2,81 m/s
Tripping Speed From 0,40 m/s up to 3,24 m/s
Hardened groove
Certifications EN81-20/50, 2014/33/EU, Gost TP TC 011/2011, GB 25194-2010, TSG T7007-2016, GB7588-2003+XG1-2015
Test groove
Rope safe guard
Protection cover
Remote control
(IP 50)
Incremental encoder

🔽 : down tripping
🔽🔼 : up and down tripping

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